Seinätyksin (2019)


Seinätyksin (2019)Exhibition at Galleria 2, Pirkkala and Cruselli, Uusikaupunki, together with Senni Aleksandra Seinätyksin is an exhibition made in collaboration with artist Senni Aleksandra. The exhibition was built around the themes of loneliness and longing. In my works I focused on video art, sound art and small installations, for instance building a little house of milk cartons and installing a drawer … Continue reading Seinätyksin (2019)

Kulta-aika (2019)


Kulta-aika (2019) Exhibition at Galleria Rajatila Kulta-aika (The Golden Age) was presented at Galleria Rajatila, Tampere, late 2019.The exhibition installation consists of old playground vehicles covered in golden paint, two videos, doll house picture frames with a cut out childhood photograph and walls length of little golden stickers saying “Kiitos” (“Thank you”). The exhibition deals with depression and being a … Continue reading Kulta-aika (2019)

Pillow Talk (2018)


Pillow Talk (2018)Sound installation (three pillows, sound) What is your fondest memory of us?Do you ever wish that I was someone else?What can I do for you to love me more?Inside three closely installed white pillows one can hear an overlapping collection of intimate questions with tones of love, fear, longing, jealousy and shame.

Tuulensytyttäjä (2018)


  Tuulensytyttäjä (2018)Two-channel video installation (wood, window, sound) There is something ominous about the wind. It is much more powerful and uncontrollable than us.In Tuulensytyttäjä the wind is both an external threat disrupting the peace of the home, and a symbol for an inner chaos.The work is inspired by the mystical romanticism of horror movies from the … Continue reading Tuulensytyttäjä (2018)

Bye, Bye, Baby (2016)


Bye, Bye, Baby(2016)Sculpture installation (recycled baby clothes, cotton yarn, video, sound) Bye, Bye, Baby is a sculpture installation, a portrait of the evergrowing child. I use recycled baby clothes as the material for the sculpture. Sown together they seem like a desperate attempt to keep the baby a baby, making the result a giant with frankensteinish … Continue reading Bye, Bye, Baby (2016)

Homeless (2013)


Homeless (2013) Installation in Ikuinen Galleria with Emmi Kallio Homeless is an installation formed of sounds, video and objects, installed in a small room. Inside the room ordinary furniture turn into sculptures, wallpaper rolls of the walls and the mirror shows merely half a reflection. There are no explanations, just a room with cues and … Continue reading Homeless (2013)