Luota (2016)


Luota (2016)Series of 5 collages A series of collages about family, memories and the loosing and replacing pieces of them.

Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (2017)


Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (2017)Video performance (10:55) Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (Braces and porcelain cats) is a video performance about the five elements: Wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The tranquil performance depicts the encounters and the frictions of the environment and the individual. It is about wanting to help, but being unable to do it in a correct form: offering a tree water in … Continue reading Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (2017)

Bye, Bye, Baby (2016)


Bye, Bye, Baby(2016)Sculpture installation (recycled baby clothes, cotton yarn, video, sound) Bye, Bye, Baby is a sculpture installation, a portrait of the evergrowing child. I use recycled baby clothes as the material for the sculpture. Sown together they seem like a desperate attempt to keep the baby a baby, making the result a giant with frankensteinish … Continue reading Bye, Bye, Baby (2016)

Homeless (2013)


Homeless (2013) Installation in Ikuinen Galleria with Emmi Kallio Homeless is an installation formed of sounds, video and objects, installed in a small room. Inside the room ordinary furniture turn into sculptures, wallpaper rolls of the walls and the mirror shows merely half a reflection. There are no explanations, just a room with cues and … Continue reading Homeless (2013)

isoveli (2013)


Isoveli(2013)Performance art piece together with Joni Ahonen, Merituuli Laatu, Ruut Luoto and Ida Sokka Two girls with identical shorts and t-shirts make gymnastic movements in the flashing lights of a slide projector, with a video camera filming them. The other one picks up the video camera and focuses the image on a photograph the other … Continue reading isoveli (2013)

Two thousand sixteen wall calendar (2015)


Two thousand sixteen wall calendar(2015)Collage, mixed media A wall calendar (15 x 20 cm) made with vintage magazines, cotton string and eatable materials. Available by order.

Viisas Lintu (2015)

19.11.2015 Viisas Lintu(2015)Music video for Tammela 33100: Viisas Lintu (03:50) Where have all the birds gone? A senior bird loses its herd, nest and the chirping will of life in the music video for finnish folk band Tammela 33100.

His Mother (2015)


  His Mother(2015)Photographic book, 22 pages. A book of her I didn’t meet, to him I did.

Hei, rakas päiväkirja (2014)


Hei, rakas päiväkirja(2014)Collage, mixed media (21 x 30 cm) I follow the lines of an eight-year-olds diary and studio photos of me as a child to create portraits of a certain time.

Two thousand fifteen wall calendar (2014)


  Two thousand fifteen wall calendar(2014)Collage, mixed media  A series of twelve collage pieces made for pages of a self-printed wall calendar. Made with vintage black and white magazines and colourful objects, the pieces study the entaglement of time.