Tuulensytyttäjä (2018)


Tuulensytyttäjä (2018) Two-channel video installation (wood, window, sound) There is something ominous about the wind. It is much more powerful and uncontrollable than us. In Tuulensytyttäjä the wind is both an external threat disrupting the peace of the home, and a symbol for an inner chaos. The work is inspired by the mystical romanticism of horror movies … Continue reading Tuulensytyttäjä (2018)

Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (2017)


Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (2017) Video performance (10:55) Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (Braces and porcelain cats) is a video performance about the five elements: Wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The tranquil performance depicts the encounters and the frictions of the environment and the individual. It is about wanting to help, but being unable to do it in a correct form: offering a tree water … Continue reading Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (2017)

Viisas Lintu (2015)


Viisas Lintu (2015) Music video for Tammela 33100: Viisas Lintu (03:50) Where have all the birds gone? A senior bird loses its herd, nest and the chirping will of life in the music video for finnish folk band Tammela 33100.

Outside In (2014)


  Outside In (2014) Stop motion animation, together with Merituuli Laatu (03:10)   Outside In is a collection of intimate spaces and moments where the outside world has broken the shell of the inside. Using the technique of Camera Obscura, the animation captures six people in their everyday presence. With the environment pouring inside the … Continue reading Outside In (2014)

Tonight Sleeps Lion (2013)


Tonight Sleeps Lion (2013) Video (01:46) I can’t sing, dance or play the harmonica but when it’s dark enough, I tiptoe straight to the spotlight. In Tonight Sleeps Lion, shy and awkward moves are cut into a dancelike, joyful motion.

The Mighty Jungle (2013)


The Mighty Jungle (2013) Video (01:08) I walk across the screen, coming from nowhere in sight, going to nowhere to be seen. For no apparent reason I have chosen to walk in the rugged rushes instead of the bare ground.

Traces (2012)


  Traces  (2012) Video (10:00) Traces is part of a window installation for the 90 year festivities of the Finnish town Pirkkala. In the video stencil-like shapes are animated over archive photography from the town history. Various professions, landscapes and moments of regional history form a tender portrait of a town.

The Great Wall (21 196,18 km) (2014)


  The Great Wall (21 196,18 km) (2014) Video (01:46) I wander around in the slide projections of The Great Wall of China with a repeating sound of marching steps following me. Inside white walls it is hard to tell if someone is a tourist or a prisoner.

Napoleon (2013)


Napoleon (2013) Video (03:30) For a day, let us be Napoleon! In the video I spend a night in the slide projections of the Fountainebleau castle where the Corsican leader once lived in.