Luota (2016)


Luota (2016)Series of 5 collages A series of collages about family, memories and the loosing and replacing pieces of them.

Two thousand sixteen wall calendar (2015)


Two thousand sixteen wall calendar(2015)Collage, mixed media A wall calendar (15 x 20 cm) made with vintage magazines, cotton string and eatable materials. Available by order.

Hei, rakas päiväkirja (2014)


Hei, rakas päiväkirja(2014)Collage, mixed media (21 x 30 cm) I follow the lines of an eight-year-olds diary and studio photos of me as a child to create portraits of a certain time.

Two thousand fifteen wall calendar (2014)


  Two thousand fifteen wall calendar(2014)Collage, mixed media  A series of twelve collage pieces made for pages of a self-printed wall calendar. Made with vintage black and white magazines and colourful objects, the pieces study the entaglement of time.

Tiiu Helinä (2013)


Tiiu Helinä(2014)Collage, mixed media An illustration for an article about the Finnish musician Tiiu Helinä. Published in Qvadrivium Zine # 6 (2014). Collage work made with vintage magazines, blueberry twigs and ribbon.