Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (2017)


Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (2017)Video performance (10:55) Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (Braces and porcelain cats) is a video performance about the five elements: Wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The tranquil performance depicts the encounters and the frictions of the environment and the individual. It is about wanting to help, but being unable to do it in a correct form: offering a tree water in … Continue reading Hammasraudat, posliinikissat (2017)

isoveli (2013)


Isoveli(2013)Performance art piece together with Joni Ahonen, Merituuli Laatu, Ruut Luoto and Ida Sokka Two girls with identical shorts and t-shirts make gymnastic movements in the flashing lights of a slide projector, with a video camera filming them. The other one picks up the video camera and focuses the image on a photograph the other … Continue reading isoveli (2013)